About GreenSpark Software

Despite the importance of metal recycling, the industry’s software development has not kept up with an increasingly modern world. This is why we started GreenSpark in March 2021—to build the best  recycling software and bring the scrap industry into the 21st century by modernizing and digitizing its most important processes. We’re a team of founders and developers building tools to improve the metal recycling industry.

GreenSpark's recycling software platform follows the material in a recycling operation, from point of purchase all the way to the ultimate sale, with everything that those processes entail, all under one roof. By connecting the recycling operation through the metal’s life cycle, we increase our customers’ accessto data, save them time and money, and meaningfully improve their overall experience.

Our Values


We’re trusted, long-term partners for our industry. We value the needs of our customers and seek to understand their points of view when solving problems. We’re gracious and enthusiastic members of our community.


There are no shortcuts when building relationships, technology, and a metal software recycling business. We know that the path to success includes challenges—we embrace those challenges and learn from them.


We look for 10x better, not 10%. We push the status quo of the industry to deliver more value for our customers, investors and team members.

Our Executive Team

Gordon Driscoll, GreenSpark


Founder and CEO

Sheetal Rao


Our Partners

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